Peace Myanmar Group

Bottled Drinking Water & Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturer

Few men have built their own distillery from the ground up, but that was exactly what the three founding partners endeavored a quarter century ago to start writing PMG’s story…
Through the most unlikely of political and economic situations in Myanmar, PMG has emerged as a leading manufacturer of rum, gin and whisky as well as bottled drinking water…

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In 2006, we established a distribution company called Skyward International. Skyward has increased the market share of all PMG products both extensively and intensively over the years. Today, we directly cover 8900+ wholesale and retail outlets (from HORECA to rural mom and pop’s) all over the country. If you are interested in having your quality products distributed, please reach out to us.
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  • Crush launch

    A pioneer in the field of corporate social responsibility, PMG always try to be a responsible business. We continue to look out for our customers’ health to the environmental issues. We have proudly introduced our product that would not harm our consumers as well as the environment.

  • Smooth Chancellor

    A change in PMG’s products has always been dedicated to meet the consumers’ requirements. With a new refreshing taste with sleek and velvety texture, our old but new, Chancellor has embraced the requests of the consumers.

  • Majesty’s “majestic” change

    Not only has PMG always been for consumers, it also strives for going with the streams of development. One of our products, Majesty, has proudly developed a sophisticated and grand label to enhance the product’s visuals.

  • Monde Selection

    A worldwide competition where many of the products has struggled to compete and failed, has awarded metals to PMG, regarding our own unique qualities of Chancellor and Majesty.

  • iTQi for all

    A ceremony for all of the products that have a unique taste and texture, an event where many has failed to impress the juries with a “superior taste”, has given stars to all 5 of the products of PMG.

  • Sip for SIP

    Declaring a joyous news for all our customer, our product, Myanmar Rum, has been name the Best of Class Platinum in Gold/Dark Rum at the prestigious event, in which uses customers from all over the world as a judge and is hard to achieve a medal from.