Myanmar RUM

Quickly becoming the market leader in Myanmar after its launch, the pioneering Myanmar Rum is skillfully crafted using only the finest and natural ingredients. The Yamanay wood aging gives our rum a unique aroma that keeps the discerning consumers coming back again and again.

Freedom Light Whisky

Freedom Light Whisky is the first premium blended light whisky in Myanmar. PMG has brought something new and exciting for consumers who are bored with undifferentiated whiskies in the market. Immediately embraced by adventurous whisky drinkers for its exceptionally delicious & mellow taste, Freedom whisky honors the Freest men in the world.

Myanmar Rum Generation

The rum of choice for the current and future generations of Myanmar, Generation Z is a fusion of traditional and modern touches. It is velvety and rich in natural woody notes that results from the marriage of Rum aged in Oak wood and in local Yamanay wood. The concoction allows us to create a flavor profile that is uniquely Myanmar. Gen Z is loved by many; both local and foreign consumers and is best served neat or in craft cocktails.

Majesty Whisky

True to its name, Majesty Whisky is an elegant blended malt whisky. Aged 3 years in oak barrels under the guidance of an international expert, Majesty provides a smooth whisky enjoyable for all occasions. Its loyal consumers are attracted to the imperial mouth feel of Majesty Whisky.

Myanmar Whisky

One of our oldest whisky brands, Myanmar Whisky Blue is characterized by an exquisite lingering aroma and balanced flavor. Distilled from the finest grains, it is a perfect mixture of the classic and the modern Myanmar. A true Burmese gem.

Myanmar Dry Gin

Loved by locals from the Shan hills and the expats in ritzy Yangon, Myanmar Dry Gin is a star in its own right. While it is enjoyed neat in the local liquor shops in the cooler regions of the country, this versatile drink is loved by bartenders in Yangon for their signature cocktails as well as by expats to bring out the flavors in their dishes.

Freedom Smooth

The perfect smoothness of Freedom Smooth+ Whisky comes from exceptionally balanced mix of malt and quality grain. The finest raw materials; wheat and imported malt produce a distinctive soft and sweet touch. Every sip brings out the experience of a memorable freedom.

Because we have our own drinking water production facilities, the water used in making all of our alcohol is the purest and freshest
you will find in Myanmar.

Year is not only consideration when we make alcohol. Our master blender creates mesmerizing and unique profiles for each product we present to the market so that our innovations become classics and our classics become immortals.